* English *

All our live and online cajón classes and workshops can also be taught in English.
See for more info below.

If you still have questions, please mail or call Judy Koot (030-2436914 if you live in the Netherlands, 00-31-30-2436914 if you live outside of the Netherlands).

About the Classes

– Cajón classes can be taken as private one-on-one classes of continuous 40-minute weekly or biweekly classes, or as a 60-minute one-on-one single workshop.

– Classes can be taken live (in-person) or digitally (via Zoom).
Note that due to the corona pandemic, classes might (temporarily) be held digitally if the situation demands it.
– You can start (bi)weekly classes at any moment during the teaching season (September-June), and can quit at any moment (a 1-month notice term applies).

– Classes focus on cajón technique, flamenco cajón rhythms and breaks, and flamenco guitar/singing/dancing accompaniment, and traditional palmas (rhythmic clapping).
Later, you can optionally learn additional percussion instruments like foot pedals, shakers, claves and cymbals.

– There are cajóns in the studio for you to play on during live class, or you can bring your own. For digital classes, you’ll need your own cajón.

Time Schedule

(Bi)weekly classes take place on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday:

– 16.00-16.40 h
– 16.40-17.20 h
– 17.20-18.00 h

– 19.00-19.40 h
– 19.40-20.20 h
– 20.20-21.00 h

All times are CET (Dutch time).

Single workshops take place on the same days, but can differ slightly from the above schedule.

If you live outside of the Netherlands and want to take online classes but these times are impossible for you due to international time differences, please mail or call Judy Koot at 00-31-30-2436914 to discuss possible times. 

Studio Location

Live classes take place at Amsterdamsestraatweg 448-BS, 3553 EL in Utrecht (near the Julianapark). Easy to reach by foot, bike, car, bus and train.
For map, see here.


Weekly class (40 minutes): € 30.00 per class; discounted rate*: € 25.50 per class 

Biweekly class (40 minutes): € 36.00 per class; discounted rate*: € 30.00 per class

Single workshop (60 minutes): € 50.00; discounted rate*: € 45.00

Tryout class (20 minutes): € 17.50

* Discounted rates are for people under 21, students, and people with a minimum income/U-Pas (to apply for this, you’ll need to show a valid student card, valid ID, valid U-pas or recent proof of income).

Note: payment is continuous, even if you skip or miss a class for whatever reason.
If you let us know in time and there’s a free spot in the schedule, you can catch up on your missed class within a week for weekly classes, and a week before or after your missed class for biweekly classes.

Holiday Breaks
There are three class holiday breaks during the season in which there are no classes:

– Winter break: 2 weeks in December/January
– Spring break: 2 weeks during March/April
– Summer break: 8 weeks during July/August